The J51 ThumbsGallery is a Joomla module extension which automatically coverts all the images in the folder of your choice to thumbnails and displays them in a neat grid styled gallery. In this article we will detail some of the issues which can occur when setting up your ThumbsGallery module and how to resolve them.

Thumbsnails not appearing

Ensure you have the correct path to your images folder set in your modules parameters. For example /images/thumbsgallery would be the path set for a folder called thumbsgallery in the root of your 'Media Manager' (Content -> Media Manager).

Also check the file name and extension to your gallery images. Be careful not to use any spaces when naming your images and that the file extension is in lower case. Eg. 'my_image.jpg' NOT 'my image.JPG'.

Images open on new page instead of lightbox

Check that there is not installed extension conflicting with your thumbs gallery module. Firstly navigate to your Module Manager (Extensions -> Module Manager) and disable each module displayed on the same page as your thumbs gallery until you find the conflicting module. If the issue is present on some pages but not on others then this is mostly the case. Failing that, disable each installed plugin (Extensions -> Plugin Manager) until you find a conflicting plugin.

Note: To disable 3rd party plugins navigate to your Plugin Manager (Extensions -> Plugin Manager). Sort your plugins by ID in decending order. 3rd party (non Joomla) plugins will be listed first and will have an ID number significantly higher than your Joomla plugins which will usually be in the 400 to 500 ID range.

'Warning: Creating default object from empty value... ' error

This was an issue that would arise on early versions of the ThumbsGallery if a progressive error reporting was enabled by either your host or within Joomlas 'Global Configuration'. You can amend the issue by installing the latest version of the ThumbsGallery available in our 'Free Extensions'.

To update simply install the extension again via your Extensions Manager (Extensions -> Extensions Manager). Note that no modules settings will be lost in the installation.

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