A simple, easy to use module allowing you to place multiple images within a rotating slideshow. Each image can be accompanied with animated title and caption. Fully responsive for perfect viewing on every screen size, this module is a nice addition to any homepage. A perfect solution for showcasing items within your site, easily managed within the module settings.

Once installed a new instance of this module can be creating by navigating to Extensions -> Modules -> New -> J51 LayerSlideshow. Available options for this module include the following..

Please note that options available may vary depending on the template.

Settings tab

  • Max Height: Set the maximum height of the slideshow in pixels.
  • Transition Duration: Set the duration in milliseconds between each slide (1000 = 1 second).
  • Slide Interval: Set the duration of the transition in milliseconds between each slide (1000 = 1 second).
  • Title Color: Set the color of the overlaying title text.
  • Caption Color: Set the color of the overlaying caption text.
  • Title/Caption Background: Set the color of the background of the title/caption. If available, set the opacity to 0 to disable the title/caption background.

Image(s) tab

Click the + button for each image you wish to add to the slideshow.

  • Slide Title: Set the title text for this item.
  • Slide Caption: Set the caption text for this item.
  • Slide Image: Set the image for this item. The slideshow can handle any image size however we would recommend to try and keep images below 1800px in width. We find this size the best compromise between image filesize and image quality.
  • Slide Link: Set the URL to which this item will link to. Leave this option blank if no link is required.
  • Caption Max Width: Set the maximum width in pixels for the title/caption for this item.
  • Text Alignment: Set the alignment for the title/caption of this item


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