It is common knowledge that when navigating a website, clicking the logo of a page will always or at least should always bring you back to the homepage of that website. It is for this reason you may wish to hide or remove the 'Home' menu item from your main menu if space is an issue.

At first this may appear problamatic as Joomla will not allow you to disable/unpublish the 'Home' menu item. In this tutorial we will detail for you two methods which can be used to get around this.

Method 1

The first method, although is more a CSS trick rather than Joomla is probably the quickest method to implement. We are basically going to hide the 'home' menu item using some CSS.

To do so we first need to find the unique ID for your menu item. From your Joomla administration navigate to Menus -> [YourMenu]. Along the right most column you will see the list of unique IDs for each of your menu items. Take note of the menu item ID you wish to hide (eg. 101).

Using this ID you can now hide your menu item using the following CSS..
li.item-101 {
    display: none;

If you are using a Joomla51 template you can simply add this CSS to the 'Custom CSS' field in your templates parameters. If no 'Custom CSS' field is available in your template then add it to the end of your templates CSS file.

If you wish you can be more specific with your CSS if you wish to only hide this menu item in a particular area of your template. So for example if you only with to hide this menu item in the main top menu of your site you can use something like the following..

#hornav li.item-101 {
    display: none;

Method 2

For the second method we will create a new menu for your 'home' menu item, removing it from the menu displayed on your site but still allowing it to be set as your homepage.

  1. From your Joomla administration navigate to Menus -> Menu Manager -> Add New Menu
  2. Set both the 'Title' and 'Menu Type' to 'Home' and click 'Save & Close'
  3. Navigate to the settings of your 'Home' menu item (Menus -> [YourDefaultMenu] -> 'Home'
  4. In the 'Menu Location' dropdown select the 'Home' menu
  5. Save & Close

And that is it. Your 'Home' menu item is now removed from your displayed menu but still set as your homepage.

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