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  3. Sunday, 16 June 2019
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Your templates have been recommended to me within a Joomla forum discussion. I have looked around already and I am really impressed about the features, your templates come natively and production ready.

These are my wishes, which I want to realize with one of your templates. But I cannot find out, which one would be best fir for my purpose, so that I don't have to do lots of work after buying. So would you please recommend me one?

1. Additional to the usual navigation via sandwich icon and flyout menu, I want to have vertical stapled div containers, each representing a menu item. In my concept, each menu item will lead to all articles of a category.

2. On click on a menu item, the first article of the category should fly in horizontally from right side and then fill the view port.

3. All the articles of the category fly in like described in 2.) similar to a slide show and having the typical triangle arrows for "next" and "pervious".

4. Menu div containers and article div containers will generally have two rows. The first does contain a picture, the second the text. On small screen width, of course the text is positioned under the picture. Category title and article title should show up at the top of the articles.

5. On click on a picture, a modal window opens, filling the entire screen and a video starts playing in modal window. On click on a text, also a modal window will open and the complete text will be shown in the modal window (similar to "readmore-function";).

6. Back or back to top button is not necessary, because the visitor can use the menu, which is accessible via the sandwich button in the top right corner.

7. Logo / signet will be placed left from the sandwich button.

8. It would be best, if the template would continue to be usable on Joomla 4.0

As my knowledge in css, php, js is very limited, it may be, that I need help to make changes on a template.
I am very interested in your suggestions, which of your templates would fit best for my wishes!
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Your requests are quite specific and unfortunately, we would not have a template that covers every single request. In some cases, your requests would be delivered through a module, plugin or component and would not be related to the template.

1. For all recent template releases you have an option between the 2 mobile menus...


2. This option is not available within any of our templates.

3. Not template related. There is a number of module extensions available that may be able to offer this feature... https://extensions.joomla.org/tags/articles-showcase/

4. I am not sure if I understand you correctly. Would you have a screenshot of what your require? Maybe a URL to an example?

5. Not template related. You may find what you are looking for at.. https://extensions.joomla.org/category/style-a-design/popups-a-iframes/

7. Your choice of template is very much down to personal taste however following are some possible solutions...


8. Because Joomla 4 has a Bootstrap version bump, all templates will need to be updated. Once Joomla 4 is released, updates will be available for all templates.

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Thank you for your reply. Your ideas and hints have been helpful for me. And now I can better describe, what I want. Further I have a vague idea, how it can be realized:

Let's assume, I have 5 categories with several articles in each. All articles of each category were presented in a slideshow, each article in one slide. There are slideshows out there, where I can insert pictures, videos and html in each slide = no problem. But it is not sure, that I can have a modal window (lightbox) starting from within a slide. But this feature is important for me, making it easy for the visitor, to be oriented within all the content of my website.

The first slide of each category will contain an overview over all the articles in the category. On the homepage all these first slides are vertically "stapled" and can be vertically scrolled.

If you are on Amazon mobile view, you have vertically several sections and you can get more details to each section, when clicking on an arrow at the right side of this section. This is similar to that, what I have described above. But instead of a page with more details, the visitor will get a slideshow containing articles in every slide.

Instead of "slideshow" perhaps I could do nearly the same with your carousel module like in your template ARTISAN? In Everly demo, I see something like a slideshow in the top of homepage.

Now on Navigation Menu:
I want to offer a mobile menu only. The menu should be in conventional form and each category will have its own main menu item. On click, the visitor will see the first slide of the slideshow of this category.
All the articles should have sub items within the menu. When the article is loaded, it should show up as the appropriate slide within the slide show. Maybe that this is something, which is a bit tricky?

On technical side on the homepage, I could put all the slideshows in div containers and let them arrange vertically by themselves. They would vary in their dimensions depending on display width. Also the content of each slide would vary depending on display width.

My question: Which of the templates of Joomla51 would come with most of the technical components, I will have to use, in order to achieve my design goal?
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A lot of what you require would be outside of what a Joomla template can offer. A Joomla template largely handles the styling of your site. More functional elements would be delivered by extensions such as components or modules. Our template do include a simple slideshow module but from what I read, you require something a little more substantial. A good place to look for a suitable solution would be... https://extensions.joomla.org/tags/articles-showcase/

Joomla core allows you to create menu items directly to article categories. These menu items can be created by navigating through Menus > [YourMenu] -> New. This option will be available to you regardless of the template you decide to use.

Hope this helps

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Hello Ciaran!
Thank you for your reply. Before my first posting here, I have had a look at your templates and I saw, that they come with several nice modules like carousel, gridgallery, layerslideshow, thumbsgallery, flexgallery and some more. The fact, that Joomla51 does integrate these modules the one or other way with its templates did lead me to my request. Maybe that has been a mislead?

There are other template offers in the web, which combine their templates with the so called maximenu / bigmenu, where a module can be inserted in a menu item. That is the point where template exceeds a clear separation between layout and function.

I am not a beginner with Joomla and I used it from v1.5 on and I think, respecting the above said, that my ideas and wishes are not so uncommon! Til now, I could develop all my Joomla sites without having to buy any extensions. But templates are underlying a very dynamic development and when my sites shall be up to date to mobile requirements and quick loading, then I will have to buy template.

Meanwhile I am experimenting with your template "artisan". And the only thing, I need to get my menu working like I planned, is the linking from a menu item to a slideshow / gallery. I hate complexity but a workaround would be, to have a gallery in a module and then place the module via "modules anywhere" (Regular Labs) within an article which I can link with a menu. But further there should be a link from menu subitem to a certain slides within a gallery. And for this, modules anywhere cannot help.

I understand, that you do not have such a solution integrated in your template. That's why I have asked, whether there are Joomla51 templates, which would be better to adapt to my wishes, than others. From your answer, I assume, that there is not more, what you can do for me.

KInd regards
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