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  3. Monday, 08 January 2018
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Hi Ciarán!

I've found some old posts about this issue, it might be you have a quick solution at hand :)

It's about the ImageLinkHover (version 1.0 - December 2011) that came with the Clarity Template. I also would like to be able to use External URL's linking to Facbook & Instragram. Currently I'm only able to link to menu items. I've tried to link to a menu item with an external URL in it, didn't work...

Any help would be welkom!

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Hi Robert

In your modules modules mod_j51imagelinkhover.xml (../modules/mod_j51imagelinkhover/mod_j51imagelinkhover.xml) try replacing the following...

<field name="hover_link" type="menuitem" default="45" label="Select a menu item" description="Select a menu item to link to." published="1"></field>


<field name="hover_link" type="text" default="" label="Set URL" description="Set the URL to link to." published="1"></field>

This will add a URL field to your modules parameters in which you can set a URL to link to rather than selecting a menu item from a dropdown menu.

As well as the above edit to the XML also edit the following in your modules mod_j51imagelinkhover.php (../modules/mod_j51imagelinkhover/mod_j51imagelinkhover.php)

Replace every instance of...

<?php echo JRoute::_("index.php?Itemid={$hover_link}") ?>


<?php echo $hover_link; ?>

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Thank you! I'll try that :D

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